17 December 2011

You Can be a Good Parent and also Satisfy the Need for Adult Intimacy

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Although you are a single parent, you can attain balance in your life by being an excellent mom or dad and also recognizing your need to have an adult relationship.
Before you can find your prince or princess, you may have to kiss some frogs.  this is a good way to start thinking long and hard about that qualities you are looking for in a partner.  This will also help to decrease the chance of exposing your child to someone with a questionable history.
Single parents may believe they are limited to dating other single parents  This is not necessarily true.

Often, single parents meet that special someone when they are least expecting it.  For instance, you can meet someone at your child's day care, school functions, children's sport events, the park or the zoo.  Have fun, pay attention to your child, but keep your eyes, mind and heart open to possibilities.
Consider them and add your own:
  •  Be cautious about who you date.
  • When you finally introduce your child to the person you are dating, introduce them as a friend.
  • Invite your child to tell you how she or he feels about spending time with this adult.
Think deeply about what you are looking for in a partner.  What qualities are important to you?  Don't forget your child.  Don't consider a relationship with someone you wouldn't choose as a friend.  For instance if you are a Christian, it may be helpful for you to connect with someone who has similar values.

As a single parent who is dating, make your child your priority.  A mature adult will understand that a child's needs are primary.   This is an early benchmark that can help you and your child avoid disappointment.  When single parent dating, arrange to meet in public places and carefully consider what your date does and says.

After you have introduced this person to your child, watch to see how he or she interacts with your child.
It takes time for intentions to be revealed, so take things slowly.  Nurture the belief that a slow and careful approach can lead to a happy outcome for all involved.

1 December 2011

5 Ways To Attract Positive Relationships Into Your Life

As we travel through our life's journey, many relationships will come into our lives. Some of them will be wonderful and long lasting; others, unfortunately, may be short term or unhappy.
Do you tend to attract more negative relationships than positive? Though we strive to develop good, solid, and happy relationships, it seems we sometimes end up with exactly the opposite. Wouldn't you love to attract more positive relationships? The good news is, you can!
Try some of these simple tips to enjoy more positive relationships in your life:
1. Patience. Wonderful relationships don't occur overnight. They take time to nurture and develop into something that's long lasting. To allow these relationships into your life, you must have the patience to let them grow.
  • When you begin a relationship that you perceive as being a positive one, don't rush it. You may be very pleased to see what develops down the road.
2. Believe that you're deserving of it. Be positive and avoid negative feelings or perceptions about yourself. Know that you deserve to have happy, stable relationships in your life.
  • If you begin to think negatively, you must turn these negative thoughts around immediately. Clear your mind and regain your self-confidence.
  • Remember, positive attracts positive. When you think positive thoughts, you'll be rewarded with positive results.
  • You'll ultimately attract positive relationships into your life with the positive energy you're giving off to others. So be a good example of the friend or partner you look to attract!
3. Be true to yourself and others. If you're not true to yourself, whether you believe it or not, others will sense this. Don't try to be something that you're not; this is a negative way of portraying yourself to others.
  • As mentioned before, positive attracts positive, but negative attracts negative as well. Show others your true self, including your flaws. They'll appreciate your open and willing heart and be able to form a strong bond with you more easily.
  • Be genuine to others and allow them to see your true feelings and personality. Trying too hard to act like someone else could lead to embarrassment for you.
4. Don't take relationships for granted. Remember to always give thanks for the valuable relationships in your life. They may not be as numerous as you'd like, but rather than complaining, be thankful for the ones you have now and have had in the past.
  • By professing your gratitude genuinely, you'll have an easier time attracting future positive relationships.
5. Be honest. If you're in a negative relationship right now, that will tend to keep positive relationships from coming into your life. Be honest with yourself and others. Make a conscious decision to either improve that relationship or end it.

6 November 2011

What Deep Rooted Fears Are Keeping You Single?

It is very difficult to sit with a group of your friends and hear their stories and experiences that are taking place in their relationships - especially if you’re on your own. It will make you look at your life and wonder just how it is that you’re still single while all of your friends your age are married or at least in serious relationships. You start to feel down, depressed, frustrated and wonder if you’ll ever have what they do.
Have you ever thought that this could be something that you’ve brought on yourself? There are actually fears that can keep you single and you may not even know that you have them.
You may be afraid that you will be single forever. This is something that many single people fear whether they admit it or not. It usually happens when you’ve had a few, or more than a few, unpleasant or seriously awful relationships, especially in a row. Somewhere in the back of your mind you’re thinking that you may NEVER have that just right relationship. This can really worry you if it’s later in your life than you thought you’d be single. Men can tell when a woman is desperate and scared to be on her own. Sensing this can change the way a man feels toward you. So, you see, holding onto this fear that you’ll never meet the Mr. Right may very well push him away when he DOES show up.
Another fear that can keep you single is the fear of losing your man. Most people are on their best behavior when they first meet. However, there are some guys that act creepy right out of the gate by assuming too much about where your relationship is going. They may even start getting possessive and/or controlling. Women that exhibit this same type of behavior with men after only a few dates will scare those men away. So when you start worrying about losing the guy before you ever really connect with him, it can make you act in ways that, while totally uncharacteristic of you, can cause the end of this relationship before it even starts.
One of the top fears that might keep you single forever is that he will turn out to be just like your ex. This is pretty easy to understand. If your last relationship ended badly, you need to take enough time to get emotionally under control again. When you give it enough time, then your next man will get a fair chance without you comparing him to your ex. Breaking the emotional ties to your past, and the fear associated with it, helps you move away from the past without taking any old problems or patterns into the new relationship you’re trying to get off the ground.
Be very honest about whether or not you have these fears. Only by admitting to them can you start getting rid of them.

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27 October 2011

Top 5 Reasons Independence is Important in Your Relationship

Living in a close relationship with your special someone is invigorating, exciting and fun.
In reality, a healthy relationship is made up of two mentally strong people. They each lead independent lives and have the desire and ability share their lives as well.
These are a few of the reasons why this balance of separateness and togetherness is important:
1. Independence makes the relationship more intellectually stimulating. If each party brings his or her individual interests to the table, they'll have some fascinating and different subjects to talk about with one another.
2. You can depend on your partner for support when you need it. If each partner is independent, each one is comfortable depending on the other when the going gets tough or when life gets hectic. A relationship is, in essence, a partnership. Knowing you can count on the other person is wonderfully supportive.
  • Having confidence that your partner can "be okay" without you while you're at work or otherwise engaged relieves you of having to worry about how your partner will manage in challenging situations.
  • Relationships do have an ebb and flow that requires that one partner lean on the other occasionally.
3. Two independent people in a relationship can mean a more balanced relationship. When you're both independent, the relationship is healthier. Nobody is exclusively relegated to a specific role.
  • When balance isn't present, one partner might take the role of "the strong one" in the relationship while the other partner is consequently "the weak one." Equilibrium in the relationship means no one partner is more or less powerful than the other.
4. Your relationship becomes stronger. When two independent people make a decision to have a relationship, their time with each other is more special and sacred. Even though a sense of independence is important for each partner, being willing to share with the other what you love to do is a great way to spend quality time together.
  • Bringing independence to your relationship promises a deeper, more lasting partnership, since it's built on acceptance of each other as a whole human being.
5. A sense of independence makes you more emotionally secure. This works for and benefits both partners.
  • If a partner is emotionally secure, they're not afraid to show their strength and their softer side at the same time.
  • Each person's sense of independence can help facilitate more openness and honesty in the partnership. No matter what you say or do, you know that your mate will ultimately be okay, since their independence already shows that they're able to take care of themselves.
  • When you come together at the end of the day, maybe one is tired or bored. The other can step in and revive the other or bring some ideas to the table.
  • Neither partner will feel threatened by their mate's autonomy and sense of personal strength and emotional security.
Partners in a relationship will enjoy a much deeper, longer lasting connection when they each have a sense of independence. Bringing up different interests for discussion, feeling like you can depend on the other and having a balanced relationship all stem from both parties having their own sense of autonomy.

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20 October 2011

How To Prepare For A Great Relationship

Love - to love and be loved - is one of the greatest joys of the human life experience. Unfortunately, it can also go very wrong. You could end up abused, neglected, and miserable - or worse.
It's important to make wise choices in your relationships so your experiences with love can bring joy and fulfillment to your life.
Letting your heart rule your head is romantic, but you can keep yourself safe, both emotionally and physically, by making sure your head is at least involved in the decision making. When it comes to romantic partners, spotting any red flags that appear will help you have only healthy, strong relationships.
Another important consideration is your personal desire for a relationship. What, specifically, are you searching for? Are you doing the right things and going to the places that will attract someone who's a good fit for you? Or are you just looking for anyone?
Finding the Right Person Through Understanding Yourself
When you're looking for Mr or Ms Right, there are techniques you can use that will contribute to your success in finding who you're looking for. The first thing you should do is to ensure you're ready for the kind of relationship you're looking for.
Here are some ways to prepare for a great relationship:
1. Be comfortable with being alone. Are you content with being on your own? Any romantic relationship you enter into should be because you care about that person and yourself. If it's only to avoid being lonely, it's probably not the best choice for you.
2. Know what you want out of life. When looking for a person to share your life with, you want one who shares your goals, dreams, and values. Avoid settling for less because your long-term happiness could be affected - and so could the happiness of your partner.
3. Stay focused on your goals. Giving up your dreams and desires for someone else seldom works well. Seek out a person who encourages you to pursue your dreams. When you've found one, that's someone worth paying attention to!
4. Remember it's not a race. Choosing someone just so you aren't alone is unfair to both of you. The person you're looking for will appear when the time is right. Avoid trying to force it. Your time will come, when you least expect it! As hard as it may be, try to be patient.

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14 October 2011

Do You Love Yourself?

How do I know if I love myself?

When you truly love yourself...

1. You treat yourself with respect & kindness.
2. You expect fair treatment from others too.
3. You devote time and attention to your mental, physical and emotional health.
4. You set firm boundaries in your life and have the courage to stand up for yourself.
5. You have a greater sense of self-awareness and self-knowledge which inspires confidence and assurance in who you really are inside.

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13 October 2011

FIVE Online Dating Rules

1: The Site DOES Matter
The site you choose to join does matter! Each site will potentially have different types of people possessing different relationship goals and it’s important to know this before you sign up for the site. 
2: People DO Misrepresent Themselves
I know it’s difficult to fathom that some people lie but it’s true.  These lies can range in severity from over-exaggerations and twenty year old photographs to flat-out lies about their relationship status (you’d be surprised how many singles really aren’t).  You should approach online dating no differently than you would if a stranger walked up to you in a bar and offered to buy you a drink.  Don’t rush into anything.  A healthy dose of scepticism combined with a balance of expectation and reality will not only help to ensure your safety but will also increase your chance of success!
3: Different Places, Different Paces
It’s important to keep in mind that everyone has different lives outside of dating.  Be patient and understanding that some people don’t check their online dating email every day and you may not receive a reply right away.  I always recommend taking the high road when it comes to communicating online.  If you aren’t receiving responses in the amount of time that you’d expect don’t disregard the contact.  Take it as a sign that they may not be that interested, they simply have a slower pace or that the timing just isn’t right and move on.  You just never know who may come back around when the timing is better, but you’ll never know if you burn those bridges.
4: Perfect on Paper Isn’t Always Perfect
It’s important to understand that it’s ok to not be into someone for reasons that you can’t define.  Chemistry can be something that’s there right away and it can also be something that takes some time to develop.  In either case, if you’re not feeling the spark when you feel you should don’t drag things out.  You deserve a match that deserves you!  As always, a healthy dose of balance between expectation and reality is important.
5: Some People Won’t Respond
Online dating is much more anonymous than meeting people in the real world.  If you were approached by someone in public and they said “hi”, how would it look if you ignored them?  This standard does not apply to online dating.  You should prepare yourself to not hear from potential matches that you reach out to.  Try not to take this personally; it doesn’t mean that you’re undesirable it simply means they are not interested.  I would also advise against highlighting people in this area.  It makes you look like an idiot and will only provide you with temporary vindication.  Besides, you never know how busy someone is, or if your paths will cross in some other way and burning bridges is rarely a good idea.
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5 October 2011

Myths About Relationships - Part 2

 Myth: If you're truly in love, passion will never fade.
Fact: Thanks to movies and romantic novels, we assume that if we genuinely love someone, "the passion and loving" never go away. And if they do disappear, then "it must not be the right relationship" or "our relationship must be in trouble."  However, passion naturally diminishes in all relationships.

Daily routines are one of the culprits. As responsibilities grow and roles expand, couples have less and less time and energy for each other.

But this doesn't mean that the passion is gone for good. With a little planning and playfulness, you can boost passion.  It is important for couples to introduct new things to perk up the relationship.  Emotional intimacy along with a continuing sense of adventure and exploration puts a new aspect on things.  Try and avoid passion-squashing routines.

Myth: Having a child will strengthen your relationship or marriage.

Fact: Studies have shown that relationship happiness actually decreases with every child. This doesn't mean that you start loving each other less or that you won't bond at all over your child, but the mounting challenges can complicate relationships.

Having realistic expectations helps couples prepare themselves for their new roles. When you think that a child will improve your relationship, it only adds to the complications.

Planning ahead and talking about the changes that will occur can go a long way preparing for when you have your first child or more kids.

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28 September 2011

Myths About Relationships - Part 1

There are many myths about relationships, and the problem with persistent myths is that they can erode a relationship's happiness.
When you think a relationship should be a certain way, and yours isn't, frustration sets in. 
Here are a couple of myths about relationships that might surprise you.  I will deal with more in the next couple of blogs.

Myth: A good relationship means that you don't have to work at it.
Fact: "The strongest most enduring relationships take lots of hard work," Our culture, education system and parenting styles don't necessarily prepare us for the fact that even good relationships take effort.

A healthy relationship is like a good garden. It's a beautiful thing but you wouldn't expect it to thrive without a whole lot of labour and TLC.

But how do you know if you're working too hard on a relationship? One sign, is if you're feeling unhappy more than you're happy. In other words, are you spending more time tending to the relationship and keeping it afloat than enjoying it?  Perhaps this unhappiness becomes less of a rough patch, and more like the "normal state of affairs".

Another bad sign is if you're trying hard to make improvements and changes, but you don't see the same level of effort on your partner's part.

If both of you are trying and you can see positive changes being made at least some of the time, then that's a good sign.

Myth: If partners really love each other, they know each other's needs and feelings.
Fact: "It's a setup to expect your partner to be able to read your mind,"
We're always responsible for communicating our feelings and needs.  Once you've communicated your needs and feelings,  a good indication of the quality of your relationship is whether your partner actually listens to your words.

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21 September 2011

Happiness is a Personal Choice – Make It Happen!

We shouldn’t spend our time worrying – we should search to find our own version of happiness.
Are you one of those people who feel it’s up to others to bring happiness to you, instead of going out and finding it yourself? If so, get ready for a long wait. Nobody, absolutely nobody, can make you happy – it’s a personal choice and only you can make that choice.
Have you ever thought . . . I’ll be happy if only he marries me, or I’ll be happy if only we buy this house, or I’ll be happy if only I get that promotion? Wishing doesn’t make for happiness, personal action does. Rather than wait on the sidelines for elusive happiness or contentment to find you, get out there and make it happen! Deep inside each of us is the ability and energy to make our lives wonderful. Of course we all have challenges, but it’s our outlook on life that will influence how we embrace those challenges.
No matter how many negatives may surround us, there is always, always a glimmer of hopeful happiness to be discovered. Choose to live and be happy in the NOW.
Three Essentials to Happiness in this Life:
·         Something to do
·         Something to love
·         Something to hope for

Single Parents make the change and start online Dating.  Find Happiness by meeting other Single Parents in your area. 
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