28 October 2014

Find Time To Date As a Single Parent

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For a Single Parent finding time to Date could be a little challenging considering the commitments and responsibilities. So how should a Single Parent make the time to start dating again without taking too much time from other responsibilities? 

The following Single Parent Dating tips will help:

1) Social activities with family: For building an active social life along with children, there great many opportunities. The church or the community group that you attend to are great examples of a family activity with a social setting. The best part about a group social setting is that you get the chance to interact with a lot of people at once, and you can get a sense of who you might want to see again. This way, you're not taking away your time with children and at the same time not wasting time on someone you may not want to see again.

2) Lunch Dates: Lunch is a very non-threatening and non-committal setting for getting to know someone. There's actually very little room for either person to assume any hint of commitment following a friendly lunch. And lunch is something you might be stopping for every day, so you don't have to take extra time out from your busy schedule. So consider going for your regular lunch with someone you'd like to get to know better.

3) Meet at the Gym: There's no suggestion here that you seek out potential dates at the gym but once you've met someone you might like to get to know better, if you're both committed to working out regularly, plan to coordinate your gym timings.

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23 October 2014

Rebuild Your Self-Esteem And Learn How To Heal After An Affair

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Knowing how to heal after and affair is just like a gift to you and to others around you. After you found out that your spouse or partner is cheating on you and details about the affair, your self-esteem has diminished and you don't believe in you anymore. But you have to know that the first most important step in rebuilding your relationship after an affair is to heal yourself.
This may seem selfish for you because you are used to take care of someone else first and then take care of your needs. It is normal to feel like that but you have to remain committed to resolving your own needs and values so you can understand better how to heal after an affair.

Here are 3 steps about how to heal after an affair and rediscover your lost self-esteem:
Step 1: Learn how to manage your negative thoughts to regain your self-esteem. Any relationship after an affair is not the same and it may never be like it was before and this has an impact on you on many levels. Learning how to heal after an affair is crucial in your fight and first you have to counter the negative feelings with positive self-talk that helps you move on.

Step 2: Start keeping a journal to have a record of your thoughts. Begin to create positive thoughts to counter the bad ones. You can boost your self-esteem by writing in your journal happy memories of yourself about moments in your past where your self-esteem was at a high level. This journal will help you keep the momentum for rediscovering yourself and how to heal after an affair.

Step 3: You must take action in order to rebuild your self-esteem. Build a vision of your future and how would you like to be and start taking daily or weekly actions that bring you closer to your goal. You know that you want to be happy, but you have to define what it looks like in order to find out how to heal after an affair.

So what actions can you take to help you move closer to your final goal and that is to be happy again? For example try to do something that you never done, and don't be afraid to try new things. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to bake artisan breads, go on a tour to ancient places like historical sites or maybe you want to go in a trip somewhere far away.  Plan it and do it and you will feel much better. This is an affective way how to heal after an affair.

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If you don't know how to heal after an affair other than taking actions to improve your live after your partner cheated on you, is the best way to rediscover yourself, what inspires you, what are your passions and everything about you that makes you feel good.

Whether you stay with that partner, or move on in different directions, you will discover many different aspects of yourself you didn't know about.  Ultimately by taking positive steps, you will take charge of your life and become a stronger person.

20 October 2014

Single Parent Dating - Make It a Success

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A single parent has many issues to deal with alone. He/she has to deal with finances, work, family and house issues. There is hardly any time left for them to consider any personal relationship.  Moreover, it might not be easy to get into any relationship with the demands of the home, children and work.

Good Babysitter
If the children are young, the parent can engage a babysitter to enjoy a night out with friends alone. This will be a good break for him/her. A good babysitter will take the parenting
responsibilities away, albeit for a short while, from the parents. It is a breather space for the parent to be rejuvenated or de-stressed.

Understanding date
Finding an understanding date is another option for single parents who do not mind dating with children on tow. It would make a good 'family' outing as well as gauge the relationship between the date and the children. It is necessary to ensure that the date and the children are comfortable with one another so that the parent is not torn between the two parties.
A date can be a casual company for a time or two unless a serious relationship starts developing.  The date must then be clear about parenthood commitments if both parties choose to carry the relationship deeper.

Quality Family Time
If the single parent spends sufficient time with the children, showering enough care and love, the children will grow up secure and independent. There would be no hindrances from the children when the parent decides to go on a date. But if the children do not get enough love and time with the parent, feelings of insecurity may come on when the parent goes on a date and there may be difficult situations between the children and date.

Types of dating
It is difficult for a parent to be on a date after losing his/her spouse or having not been on a date for a long time. Hence, the types of date to get a parent dating again are important as the wrong types may cause the parent to turn away from future dates.

If the single parent is unfamiliar with the date, it is better to make it a foursome or group date
rather than the pair alone. Awkwardness may set in if the parent is not ready for a date or become emotional during the date.

Good dates would be casual interaction with another opposite sex with no demands and
expectations where both parties enjoy a night out on a common interest or activity. That would release the tension between the parent and the date.

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6 October 2014

Differences Between a Step Family and a Traditional Family

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Many couples make the mistake of thinking their step family is no different from the traditional or first family unit. Failing to have a solid understanding of the significant differences between the two usually creates massive conflict and confusion.
Traditional families are born out of love, hope, and have strong biological and legal ties. The adults have time during the honeymoon period to establish family values, norms, roles and responsibilities, and to build a strong couple identity and relationship.

The children all live in one house and are members of one family unit. There are few, if any, loyalty issues. The children are treated equal; family and parental conflict is minimal. Family finances and inheritance are not usually issues.
Stepfamilies are born out of loss and grief due to family separation and divorce. Members of the extended family and community may not support the marriage.
There is no honeymoon period and the adults become 'instant parents'. The parent-child relationship pre-dates the couple relationship. These two factors make it very difficult for the adults to build the critically important couple relationship that is needed to stabilize the new family unit.

Not all family members of the stepfamily live in the same home and the children are often members of two or more families.  Planning family activities and events must take into consideration the children's other biological parent as well as visiting stepchildren.  Each adult feels differently about and is treated differently by the same child. There are complex loyalty issues and the stepchild may be hostile and reject the stepparent. Attachment and bonding may take years or may never happen between stepparent and stepchild.
The level of conflict in the stepfamilies is higher especially in the early years and is often related to finances, inheritance, child management, and differences in family values and culture.

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