1 July 2016

Do Abandonment Fears Repeatedly Sabotage Your Relationships?

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Do you know that the fear of abandonment is a major impediment to ever having or sustaining a successful and healthy relationship? Do you know most people who find themselves unconsciously sabotaging their relationships harbour this fear deep within them? Do you know that this fear often arises from early negative memories of abandonment imprinted in the subconscious mind from early childhood?
Finally do you know that now for the first time in human history it is a) possible to completely and permanently delete/erase such memories and by doing so b) concurrently erase/delete the fear itself from within thereby eradicating the tendency to sabotage relationships based on this fear?

When one experiences some form of significant abandonment as a child the negative memory of the event becomes "downloaded" within the subconscious mind and recedes completely from the person's awareness. Its presence and effects however are not forgotten.
The person, without realising it often will feel themselves to be anxious, insecure, nervous, and vulnerable whenever an important person/partner/friend happens to leave or disappear even for short periods of time.
The person in question, will often become panicked, feel out of control, unconsciously resort to some form of needy, controlling, attention seeking or manipulative behaviour that will invariably create greater tension in that/those relationships thereby leading to a potential fresh abandonment experience/event.

Another way of saying all of this is that the original abandonment experience behaves like an unhealed wound that must be guarded from resurging into conscious awareness because the pain laden within it is too unbearable.  Unfortunately the tendency to ward off this event leads to a repeat of the very same event, further abandonment and further pain.  This can create an interminable spiral downwards into isolation, depression, panic and a life that feels overwhelming and intolerable.

The only way out of this downward spiral is the complete and permanent erasure/deletion of the original negative (and subsequent) memories of abandonment from the subconscious mind. Many might refer to this as the healing of the original wound but actually is more than that; it is fundamentally a profound empowerment phenomenon.
The erasure of these memories effectively leaves the individual feeling like the event never actually took place. Although this may be difficult to conceive and believe it is actually now a reality.
Consequently with such an erasure the person begins to feel whole, complete, strong, resilient, in charge of themselves, self confident, self assured, emotionally independent, self sufficient, clear, healthy and like their True Empowered Authentic Self i.e. the self "before" the event ever took place.

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